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Cheap Checks

 3-on-a-page manual checks, or personal checks with unique designs, personal checks with unique designs, partnering with CheckAdvantage is the answer! Our full line of over 10,000 bank checks and accessories

Identity Force 

Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. – last year over 12 million individuals were victims of this faceless crime. Here are some key factors that differentiate our service from others in the industry:
$1,000,000 identity theft insurance, and fully managed restoration from Certified Protection Experts available 24/7.Most complete packages available directly to consumers, and family coverage is available.Free trial and discounted prices available for all our affiliates.

Credit Firm

CreditFirm is a leading provider of credit report repair services for consumers within the United States. Established in 1997, we have helped over 80,000 consumers in all 50 states improve their credit reports and increase their credit scores. is a licensed and registered credit services organization with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). (0 Complaints within the last 3 years).

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Coins is an industry leading precious metals and coins website. There site features over 5000 popular products reaching the bulk of the gold, silver and coin collecting demographic.Persons searching for coins & precious metals tend to know what they are looking for in a company. Typically this is trust (They were established in 1974), Prices (They compete with all major sites) and inventory (5000+ Products).

The Privacy Shield 

Identity theft and Cybercrime are hot topics! Both are constantly in the news and on people’s minds! Cybercriminals now have figured out how to steal consumers’ credit card information, even while the credit card is still inside their wallet or purse! Hackers can actually steal their information as they stand in line in a public place, while they are shopping, riding a bus or a train, using rest room facilities, or even at their favorite sporting event!

Credit Assistance Network 

In today’s economy, there is an huge demand for credit improvement services. Credit Assistance Network stands out as an industry leader in the credit repair business and has been helping consumers resolve complicated credit problems since 2004. 

Timing Cube

TimingCube is a web based company which delivers an innovative investment approach called Trend Timing. There Model detects major trend changes in the broad stock market and issues simple and definitive Buy and Sell signals that allow our members to make money in both up and down markets. TimingCube is a membership based service, they offer monthly ($29.95) or yearly ($299.95) subscriptions with a 30 day money back guarantee for first time subscribers. As a TimingCube affiliate your commission will be $30 per sale (the new registered member must not cancel during the trial period).

K Capital

Advisors is a unique swing trading advisory that goes both long and short in highly liquid small to mid cap stocks. Average trade is 8 days in length. Adviser has a classic education and brings real world trading experience. Adviser forms hypothesis based upon fundamental research, and then executes trades based upon technical chart patterns.

The Traders Junction 

Optionwisdom, the internet's premier signals website for option traders. There signals are created by a world renowned option trading specialist with more than 25 years of experience, Mr David Becker. Although focusing primarily on the US market our product can be marketed worldwide as nearly every country has access to options brokers that let you trade US securities. They offer a free 14 day membership which in nearly every case leads to a membership purchase as the quality of our option trading signals are second to none. 


Currency Trading has experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years. Many investors and institutions are looking for ways to profit from marketing currency trading. Author, professional trader Peter Bain is a world re-known authority in Forex Trading education. Peter has spent years perfecting his currency trading strategies and has put together a team of top notch expert mentors at Forexmentor


BizEquity is the first and leading patented online provider of business valuations. Leveraging a proprietary learning based valuation engine, BizEquity has created the leading cloud based service to allow every small business owner to answer the most important question – “What is my business worth,” online and in minutes. We deliver a valuation in minutes in the form of a 17 page customized report.

EZ Approved 

There Nationwide Loan Program offers unsecured personal loans,grants,debt consolidation loans, secured and unsecured business loans. Bad or No Credit Accepted. Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards and more. We pay 30% commission when a customers purchases a membership to our Loan Approval Center. Our service is in high demand and the conversion rate is excellent. Millions of American's have credit problems and are in need of a loan or debt consolidation. Start earning money from your web site today. US Only.

Family Tax Recovery 

Unclaimed Tax Refunds are waiting for your family and friends. There Tax Review Specialists use special training and customized tax software to uncover all available unclaimed benefits that apply to your family and friends. Earn 5 dollars for every referral that you refer that is approved for a tax review. 

Forex Trading 

Top Dog Trading courses are targeted to those who want to learn to day trade and swing trade the Forex, futures, and stock markets using technical analysis.