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They offer the supplies, tools, knowledge and support that your customers need to start leading a healthier life in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible. Customers start every week with a free delivery of fresh, healthy ingredients, chilled and waiting in their own Chef V cooler bag!

Smart Kitchen 

SmartKitchen is "The Smartest Way to Learn To Cook(tm)". Subscriptions to our Online Cooking School with over 2,000 resources, 400 exercises and 200 detailed instructional videos are either $9.99 /month or $99 /year.


1.Choose what you love from a la carte, meal packs, weight-loss or juice cleanse. It’s all made to put a smile on your face.

2.Flavor. It always comes first. Our chef creates delicious meals that just happen to be from organic plants.
3.On your doorstep, made to order, fresh-frozen and ready to heat. What a happy thing to come home to.
4.After a busy day, just heat up, dig in and love. Eating healthy has never been this simple.


Best New York Bagel 

This sentiment that sparked the Best New York Bagel , there goal to bring the best of a product to your doorstep in a timely fashion, in a professional manner at a respectable price, all with a few clicks of the mouse! That is why we are considered the only place to find the best NY Bagel in a NY minute!
The New York bagels we provide are great for gifts, parties, corporate events, breakfasts at your vacation or business destination or if you just need to satisfy that New York bagel craving.


Products are made from premium Belgian chocolate – known to be the finest in the world. As complete product design and development team creates its distinct packaging and acclaimed chocolate products. Passionate dedication, from outstanding chocolate to refined presentation, is the Astor trademark.Astor is known as the industry leader in chocolate amenities for the hospitality industry. There market also include food service, catering, souvenir gift shops and gourmet retail. Distinguished establishments choose Astor chocolate when looking for gourmet private-label confections.

Braga Organic 

Farms started from there love for pistachios and organic food in general. They truly believe that everybody should purchase organic food directly from the farmer. There is no better or fresher way to eat!
There products have been certified organic food by California Certified Organic Farmers (C.C.O.F.) since November of 2000. They  currently have 40 acres of pistachios located in Madera, California. They invite you to visit there pistachio farm, by appointment.


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